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The Trusted Name for Dryer Repair in Vero Beach, FL

When your dryer breaks down or does other unexpected things, you need fast, reliable dryer repair service. This is when you'll be happy you found Service Fanatics. We have 15-plus years of experience with household appliances. If your dryer is not working at all, failing to fully dry your clothes, or blowing exhaust back into your home, give us a call and we'll be there ASAP.

Importance of Professional Dryer Repair

Anything involving washer dryer repair should be handled by professionals. Part of the reason is today's appliances have a lot of components inside of them that require specialized tools and attention. With any appliance, DIY repairs could invalidate warranties. Plus, getting your dryer working again quickly means you can take care of your regular laundry needs with less stress and worry.

Signs You Need Professional Dryer Repair Services

Many people depend on a dryer a few times a week at least, and sometimes a lot more often. So, any sign of a problem should be reason enough to call Service Fanatics. Contact a washer and dryer repair expert from our team if you're noticing any of the following:

  • Humming or other odd or loud sounds
  • A dryer that's running but not spinning inside
  • Clothes taking much longer to dry
  • A burning smell coming from your dryer when it's running
  • Difficulty turning your dryer on or getting it to operate

At Service Fanatics, we make sure we maintain our standing as a top appliance repair company in the local area. Rest assured that we will address the problem promptly and efficiently.

Common Dryer Problems You Should Contact Us About

A household clothes dryer is like any appliance — there are certain problems that tend to be more common than others. With dryers, we recommend contacting our dryer repair technician if you're dealing with fairly common dryer-related problems that include:

Why Choose Our Team

Whether we're talking about your dryer, washer, or fridge, you rely on many of your appliances to make daily life easier. Keep everything working efficiently and correctly by taking advantage of our full range of services, including dryer vent repair. When you do, you'll benefit from:

  • Convenient next-day service
  • On-time appointment arrivals
  • Upfront, fair pricing
  • Money-saving maintenance agreement options

Get the A+ Service You Deserve Today

Service Fanatics is pleased to be your premier source for dryer vent cleaning and repairs. We're a local company in every way that counts. This means it's easy to get a hold of us when your dryer or any other appliance in your home needs to be repaired or maintained.


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In need of dryer repair in Vero Beach, FL? Trust Service Fanatics at all times. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule a service appointment. We look forward to serving you.